Lm358 Lm358dr Sop-8 Soic-8 Smd Ic

Lm358 Lm358dr Sop-8 Soic-8 Smd Ic


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The Universal Standard family LM358 monolithic ICs integrate two
independent op-amp circuits and phase compensation capacitorson a single chip,
feature high gain and low power consumption, and possess an operating voltage
range between 3[V]and 32[V] (single power supply.)
1) Operating temperature range
Commercial Grade
LM358 family:0[℃] to + 70[℃]
Extended Industrial Grade
LM358 family :-40[℃] to +125[℃]
2) Wide operating voltage range+3[V] to +32[V] (single supply)±1.5[V] to ±16[V] (dual supply)
3) Low supply current
4) Common-mode input voltage range, including ground
5) Differential input voltage range equal to maximum ratedsupply voltage
6) High large signal voltage gain7) Wide output voltage range

Package Included:

1x LM358 LM358DR SOP-8 SOIC-8 SMD IC

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