Laser Burglar Alarm System


Laser Burglar Alarm System

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Laser burglar alarm gadget is used to detect any trespassing into the house, company or any secured place.

In any extraordinarily secured vicinity or maybe in your own residence, the main cognizance is on the safety. as the records of any company is very essential to them, therefore pleasant safety features are used to protect it. this task is designed to stop or entice any burglar entering within the house or any secured place. this challenge makes use of laser to shield the residence from any intruder getting into the premises.handiest the authorized personal can enter after coming into a cozy code which disables the laser trap.

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  • Laser Burglar Alarm System uses laser, a light dependent resistor
  • The laser covers the whole area. At the end the laser is set to fall on a light dependent resistor.
  • If someone wants to enter the secured area then he had to enter a correct security code using a keypad matrix.
  • Entering a correct security code will disable the system.
  • If someone tries to cross the laser trap without entering security code, the laser will be obstructed and this will make the resistance of LDR high and thus alarm will be activated by the microcontroller.

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A fully ready made working project which is made from these major components:

Arduino UNO1
Laser Module1
General Purpose Boards1
Connecting WiresFew
9V DC Battery1
Keypad Matrix 4*41