Digital Bus With Automatic Ticketing System


Digital Bus With Automatic Ticketing System

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In virtual bus with automated ticketing machine there is a manipulate panel where a user will provide the input in the device or to the micro controller and micro controller will keep the input and in line with enter it offers command to the motor which shows a dummy bus

On this digital bus with computerized ticketing system undertaking there’s a manage panel in which a person will provide the enter in the gadget or to the micro controller and micro controller will save the enter and according to input it gives command to the motor which suggests a dummy bus. liquid crystal display is used for the indication purpose for the user in addition to for the driver. amplification circuit is used to run the motor nicely.
Ir sensor is used to remember the character or consumer on the time of going out from the bus in order that micro controller will calculate the counter. for strolling this venture we require +five volt,+9 volt and for this we used a battery and a voltage regulator 7805.

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A fully ready made working project which is made from these major components:

  • Control panel (Tact switch)
  • IR sensor
  • Microcontroller Atmega 8 (with 8MHz crystal)
  • LCD
  • Motor
  • Motor driving IC (L293d)
  • Power supply- battery (9V)
  • voltage regulator IC (LM7805)