7 Day Returns Policy

ReturnBuy any type of products from bookshop.pk then you can easily return that product. As our return policy. This return policy apply as this way:

  • First Home delivery received successfully
  • After receiving the order delivery, your 7-day start to next

As our products always 100% working and passed from quality assurance department. Also, double check the product health and working on the time of delivery from our bookshop.pk store.




These are the conditions which must be applicable:

Returning Conditions:

  • Wrong Delivery
  • Damaged
  • Not Working

Non-Returning Conditions:

  • Product¬†Damaged after 7 days
  • First working after your experiments it burn
  • Short Circuit

Further if you have any question mail us return@www.bookshop.pk also contact with us on facebook page